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Open the Book

At St George’s we have a team of volunteers who are part of the nationwide Open The Book project, details of which can be found on the website

The projects aim is to enable every child to hear Bible truths in story form at school in their primary years.

Out team here in Georgeham consists mainly of retired people purely because they can spare time at a suitable time of day when assembly times are programmed, but we also have some younger volunteers who we also welcome  to the team when they can spare the time.

We are welcomed into our local primary school once a week to run their assembly and we use drama, and mime, props and costumes, and we also involve the children to present the bible stories in ways that are lively and informative and great fun for everyone involved. In the words of one of the children, “My favourite day is Thursday because it’s Open The Book day.”

There are 105 stories in a complete 3-year programme, year one giving an overview of the bible in 33 stories from Genesis  to the gospels. Most of the stories are derived from the Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman and the rest are specially written with writers support and encouragement.

We are so thankful that the staff of the school welcomes us in so freely every Thursday and our prayer is that every child will be encouraged to read God’s word for themselves and that they will put their trust in the living God.

Psalm 78 vs. 4-6,  We will tell the next generation, - and they in turn would tell their children. Then they will put their trust in God.

Sunday School

Sunday School is for Year 6 and below at Croyde Baptist and at St George’s during our 1100 services, except for Special Family services.  They have a fun filled session  with a mixture of songs, stories, drama and crafts!  At St George’s after an initial time in Church classes are held in the Hayloft at St. George's House.

 The Point

The point is run by Amy and Baz Barrow with a team consisting of Esther Milton, Chris Thurgood-Perry (St George's House staff) and Becky Harris (Coastal Church). 

The point runs on the first Sunday of the month from 16.00 hours to 18.00 hours at St George's House, during term time. It is for young people from the local area from school years 6 to 9. At present we have approximately 20 young people on the register.

During the winter we have enjoyed playing team games, night walk, board games and a big Christmas Party. With the warmer weather we have been able to use the SGH site facilities to play games. We are planning to go on a camping trip as well as other outdoor activities such as beach trips and surfing.