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The Rev’d Steve Painting, a member of our Mission Community, is preparing a series of midweek reflections on “Colossians”. Those reflections are presented in a written paper and backed up by an audio file as an alternative script. They can be accessed from the tab Reflections at the top of this page.


With the idea of developing a planned prayer event about this pandemic through Advent, there is an opportunity THIS SUNDAY to prayer with others from our local area. It was introduced at our Clergy Chapter as an idea today, and a number of churches will be  sharing in the Advent Prayer Call, if not this coming Sunday!

To perhaps explain our thinking a little more clearly Steve writes….

Dear all

I hope you are all doing ok. These are trying times although I am glad for the good things, simple things, that do continue to bless us especially if we take our attention away from the news. Autumn is I think, a season of great beauty. Having said all this you will all be aware of the current position concerning Coronavirus. As I said at the end of last week, I do want to encourage a time of corporate prayer and suggested then that Advent Sunday would be a good day to start.

In light of the rapid progress of the disease and lack of a call to prayer from national leaders I think that we must act more quickly and take the initiative at a local level. I'm asking that we give 15 minutes to prayer from 12 noon this Sunday (18th October) to pray into the situation and to hand it over to God. A bell will be rung in each of our churches at that time as a call to prayer.

Please communicate this to as many people as you can through whatever media you have at your disposal. We do not need to limit that to our own congregations.

Some of you may have already heard my most recent pastoral message on the website. Please have a listen if you've not heard it already and encourage others to do so also. I am aiming to get some helpful information regarding how we might use the prayer time on the midweek reflection page tomorrow.

I hope that you will agree that it is the right thing for us to be doing at this time on behalf of our country and our world.

God bless



Do join in, and pray for all that is on your heart…  for medical professionals, for governments, for your friends and family, for our local community, and pray against the worst of what this autumn and winter may bring for our country and the world!

I hope that, like the noise for the NHS on thursdays, this will grow and spread.

So tell others that when they hear the church bell, it is a call to prayer for the whole community, for church members and non church alike, because God doesn’t just listen to us, but listens to all who pray about their concerns and fears from their heart!


A call to Prayer

All of us must now be aware of the recent significant increases in Coronavirus infections, hospital admissions and sadly, also deaths. We can also recognise the social, financial and emotional pressures that many will face as a result of the necessary tightening of lifestyle restrictions. We, in the Churches of this Mission Community, appreciate that we must endeavour to do all we can to ease the suffering of those most affected. As well as looking for opportunities to do that in practical ways, as Christians, we should also see the current situation as a call to prayer. We’re therefore asking anyone reading this, to consider spending 15 minutes in prayer on Sunday 18th October from 12 noon and if appropriate, to ask others to do so also. A church bell will be rung in each of our parishes at 12 noon as a reminder.

The Rector’s most recent Pastoral Message gives a more complete explanation of why we are making this request. Further information and thoughts on how we might use the time to pray will be found on the midweek reflection page, on the Taw Mission Community website from Wednesday 14th October. 

God bless


Rev'd Steve Painting

Priest in Charge, Heanton, Marwood and West Down


Following our PCC meeting on the 12th October, we have decided we need to have two services on Remembrance day to allow as many people as possible to come and share on this important occasion.

This will be an event that will require booking a place at either 10am, or at 11.00am. It will still be limited to being a said service, and to about 30 people at each service.

If you would like to book your seat, please phone Mike on 890616.