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You might have heard that the Prime Minister has now announced that places of worship, including Churches, can open for services as the next phase of ourrelease from lockdown! It will still not be church as we have known it, but it will allow us to start meeting in church for the occasional ‘said service’, whilst observing all rules re: social distancing and appropriate caution, and action, e: the spread of Coronavirus.

My suggestion at this point is to plan for a communion service on July 26th, and all fourth Sunday’s thereafter, whilst continuing with virtual church for the rest of each month. That is until we are allowed to worship more fully in the church building.

Because of the limits of social distancing (holding to the 2 metre guidelines), I am proposing we do the same ‘said service’ twice, once at 10.00am, and again at 11.00am.

What I need from the church family is that you contact either Lorraine or Anthony to tell us which of those two times is a preference, so that we might et them balanced for numbers. Even if you have no preference for either time, please contact them to tell us that, so we might contact you to

recommend which service would be best to attend. This is all dependent on government and diocesan guidelines which we have not as yet fully analised, especially concerning communion, which, I suspect, in the first instance will shared in one kind (bread only). As we keep being reminded, the virus has not gone away, so we need to exercise caution at all stages. But we can look forward to these small gatherings as part of the rich experience of worship we have been enjoying

during lockdown, so I hope you will bare with us in the season of transition. All blessings

Mike Newbon

LORRAINE - 07827 448692

ANTHONY - 07771 930749


Further to my letter asking for volunteers to open the Church for Private Prayer, I am pleased to be able to announce that we will be opening St. George’s for prayer as of the 6th July, from 2.00-4.00pm and St. Mary’s as of 10th July for an hour from 2.00pm, and each week thereafter, assuming a demand.

This new normality is in a state of flux, and it may be that no-one feels the need to go in to our Church buildings to pray, so after a trial period we may find it better to allow those volunteers to use their time in a different way, and close off the church again for those two time slots, but its important that we give this a go, for both the Church family, and for our community.

Anthony and Lorraine have been working hard to make sure that all safety aspects of using the church for prayer are considered, and if you pop down to St. George’s uring those two hours, you will find you will have limited access to the building, and a number of posters to remind you to socially distance, and to use the provided hand sanitiser both coming in and leaving the church. There will be a number of chairs assigned for pray-ers, which will be immediately rotated once they have been sat on.

So we feel there is reason to be confident that we are following the guidelines well for keeping volunteers and visitors safe, but we all need to apply common sense within all of this!

DO - consider for yourselves whether you would like to use one or other of these opportunities for prayer in Church, and, if you come, follow all safety directions for your own well-being and the safety of others. But, more importantly, phone others, who you might assume will not get this email, whether from the Church family or from the community who might want to pop to church to share their thoughts and concerns with God. Basically get the word out there, so that people are aware of what we are trying to do to begin opening the Church after lockdown.

There will be a suggested selection of prayers available just in case anyone finds the words to say hard. This sheet is designed to be taken away once used, again for social safety reasons.

Beyond opening for prayer, we now have permission to open for small ‘said’ services, and you will have a separate interim letter from me via email very soon. I say interim, ecause on Friday I will be joining a two hour Zoom meeting with archdeacons, as they share the guidelines from the diocese. Assuming we have interpreted the information correctly, we plan to have two services at St. George’s on Sunday the 26th July, one at 10am, followed by one at 11am. It will be a communion service each time, with communicants receiving just bread at this time. This will be the first monthly communion using the same format. Again do share this plan with others who might not get the news any other way!

All blessings

Mike Newbon


Our group  coffee morning is on every Friday at 11 am using the “Zoom conference video software”.

For this week entry details contact Rev’d Mike Newbon or refer to the email sent to you.

To take part in this get together on-line brew yourself your favourite coffee and join in the chat.  If this is your first time in joining the group email Mike  Newbon at  and he will get you connected or better still be ready by downloading the application beforehand via your internet browser and look for zoom.

The Rev’d Steve Painting, a member of our Mission Community, is preparing four midweek reflections on “A Heart for God”. Those reflections are presented in a written paper and backed up by an audio file as an alternative script. They can be accessed from the tab Reflections at the top of this page.